Webbing for Enterprises

Boost your company’s security, productivity and savings. Webbing delivers advanced, reliable, and cost-efficient global Internet access for business travelers.
Eliminate roaming charges. We enable enterprise mobility and UC* for the business traveler by providing a dependable Internet connection across multiple devices, well below the market price, in over 170 countries.

Main benefits for the enterprise:


Reduce data roaming costs by 75%-85%

Leverage Webbing’s 4G and LTE networks and QoS capabilities, to use the enterprise’s existing VoIP and UC solutions and eliminate voice roaming


Minimize risks to online threats such as malwares and viruses by allowing users to access only authorized websites and applications via a personal, secured hotspot.


Split traffic between business and personal, and bill the individual accordingly.

Service Components

Webbing Spot - LTE
Multi-SIM Mobile Hotspot

Internet That Fits in Your Pocket

Webbing Network

A Reliable Network You Can Count On

Webbing Management

Take Control of Your Data

Webbing Spot is a compact, lightweight Multi-SIM mobile hotspot that can work with up to 10 mobile devices at once. Our SIM cards enable mobile data services in over 170 countries worldwide, with over 300 leading mobile carriers. All you have to do is turn it on; no setup or installation is required.

Global connectivity - 7 preloaded regional SIM cards for global coverage with automatic SIM selection (no need to swap SIMs)

Local Connectivity - Compatible with user’s home SIM for domestic/roaming use

Dependable Connectivity - Automatic failover between networks and SIM cards

Productivity - 4G LTE Internet speeds wherever you go

Always On - 12 working hours or 200 standby hours

Multi-Device - 10 devices at once, smartphones, laptops and tablets

Ease of Use - Simple “power-on” and you’re connected

The Webbing Network is based on worldwide tier1 mobile carriers’ 3G, 4G and LTE networks connectivity, that routs through Webbing’s ISP sites around the world, for the fastest most advanced managed network out there.

Our network has full redundancy on both the carrier and the ISP side, with over 300 mobile carriers and multiple ISP sites around the world. With our dependable network, you can be assured that the highest quality of service is always at your fingertips.


Global Managed Data Network - A global IP VPN from the carriers to Webbing’s ISP sites around the word

Network Redundancy - Webbing is multiple ISP sites and multiple carriers are available

Routing Optimization - For better latency and faster connectivity

Direct Interfaces to Major MObile Carriers - Reliable connectivity

Data Wholesaler Certified by Carriers - A long term partner with full carrier support

Secured Network - All traffic is screened by Webbing’s firewall and antivirus on the different ISP Sites

With Webbing’s cloud base Management Platform you have complete control and real-time visibility.

Manage your Webbing devices, set up your network policies and get real-time usage information & statistics.

Optimize your data spent and security policies by identifying trends in data usage. Once you learn your organization’s data usage patterns, apply the Webbing management features.


Traffic Classification - Enable and disable services and apply unique network policies per device

Inventory Management - Complete control of your Webbing Spot fleet and internal billing allocation

Real-time Usage Monitoring - Transparency of employees' data consuption

Detailed Reports - Analyze the company’s usage patterns and data requirements

Customized Alerts - Create customized alerts and notify your employees when data limits have been reached

Track Usage of Non-Webbing SIM Cards - Ddivide your roaming usage from your domestic usage

Sub Accounts for International Corporates - Manage your traffic and devices per office and review in real time the consolidated activity

Full API - Integrate the Webbing service with existing management systems

Are you ready for the most advanced and cost
efficient roaming solution available?