What is Webbing?

Webbing is a comprehensive mobile roaming solution makes it easy and affordable to use mobile data services while abroad. Webbing offers international travelers instant Internet access and unlimited mobile data services anytime, anywhere and from any mobile device for a flat daily rate. A portable, pocket-sized hotspot ensures "always on" high-speed Internet access for multiple mobile devices. Our Global Roaming service enables a full range of mobile data services without roaming charges.

How much does the Webbing service cost?

Most the service plans are based on fixed-rate daily packages with large data allowances. In the Order section you can find the plan and price that best suits your needs.

What Countries are supported?

Webbing offers service in over 120+ countries. Click here for a list of countries where Webbing devices operate.

What is the Webbing Spot?

Webbing Spot is a personal mobile hotspot that connects simultaneously to up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

How Does the Webbing Spot and service work?

Consumers just turn on the device and any WiFi enabled device (up to 10) can seamlessly connect to the Internet via the Webbing Spot. The Webbing Spot works anywhere there is a cellular connection.

Do I need to bring my own SIM card to make it work?

No. Webbing spot comes with the data SIM card(s) needed to seamlessly connect to the Internet in 120+ countries around the world.

How far in advance of my tripshould I order?

Delivery time depends on your country of residence. As part of the order process, we provide you with the estimated delivery time for your country. Feel free to initiate your order to find out the exact delivery details. Generally speaking, placing your order at least 7-10 days prior your departure should be sufficient.