About Webbing

Our vision:
A safe, secure and reliable Global Personal Internet for the world traveler.

Wi-Fi Without Borders

Bridge the Gap

There is a large gap between Internet reach and quality around the world. Infrastructure limitations, government policy and commercial interests will likely keep it this way for years to come. With the Webbing Spot, you can bridge the gap.

Your Global Personal Internet

We’ve created the world’s first Global Personal Internet™ solution – your own mobile hotspot to keep you connected anywhere around the world, while eliminating roaming charges.
Our multi-SIM technology and cellular-based solution makes it possible for you to easily connect to the Internet from anywhere in the world, and our unprecedented international operators deals mean you don’t need to make them on your own.

Hassle-free Internet

Make traveling easier. The Webbing Spot gets you reliable, hi-quality, easy Internet access when you trave.

Increase Your Coverage.
Reduce Your Costs.